Outdated Bathroom? 3 Reasons to Call Professional Sutton Remodelers

Outdated Bathroom? 3 Reasons to Call Professional Sutton Remodelers

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Often, homeowners opt for the DIY route. Sure, this route saves a little money and gives you something to be proud of. But is it really worth the time and effort? As the number one team of Sutton remodelers, Prime Action Remodeling is here to set the record straight about why you should give the professionals a call.

First, let us start by saying the ‘call’ truly depends on the project at hand. For example, if your screen door and trim could use a little TLC, giving the DIY route is generally the best option. However, if you find yourself at a point that your family bathroom is outdated, outgrown, and requires some love – probably a job best suited for the professionals. Here’s why.



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Sometimes, updating the bathroom requires more than a few touches here and there. Depending on the current condition of the bathroom, the age, and what you are looking to achieve, remodeling a room can quickly become a huge undertaking.

From sagging floors to running new pipes, taking down walls to painting trim, a team of professionals can handle whatever life throws their way. Speaking of, that brings us to our next point –


Life’s little surprises.


Let’s face it, renovating a bathroom opens the door to several unexpected surprises. For example, shower or tub remodels often call for walls to come down, exposing the beams and pipes that lie within. While, with luck, this can be an uneventful event, other times homeowner’s are faced with unexpected surprises. From rotted wood to deteriorated pipes and mold growth, what lurks behind the walls can throw a project completely off schedule.

Besides the schedule, many of the problems one faces require a high level of expertise – rerouting pipes to ensure the new tub is installed and running properly, securing floorboards that have experienced water exposure, properly removing mold to prevent adverse health responses, and so on –


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The little details make a world of difference.


Other items to consider when undertaking a bathroom remodel include lighting, ventilation, and the durability provided by the products. Again, these areas require a little know-how and some expertise. Sure, anyone can head over to the local hardware store to select the new lighting – but installation is another matter.

Proper fittings, wiring, dealing with potential old wiring issues, and so on are all items best left in the hands of an experienced electrician. Likewise, ensuring your bathroom is properly ventilated and that you will get the most out of the products you’re choosing are all imperative matters.


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As the number one team of Sutton remodelers, Prime Action Remodeling is here to help make your bathroom renovation a breeze. With decades of proven success, our team will work with you to create a plan that will bring your dream bathroom to life, on time and on a budget! To begin your renovation today, give our team a call at (508) 962-0404.